1.How to make sure that the ordered imprint diamond really contain the contents from beloved one provided by customers?

Imprint Diamond follows standard operation procedures to produce diamonds and each production ingredients is marked clearly. The internal production procedures are under monitor and all manufacturing procedures can be tracked to make sure that each ordered diamond contains the sample provided by customer.
Although the structures of samples provided by customers would change in the forming procedures of diamonds and cannot be distinguished after processing procedures under high temperature and high pressure. However, the “Production and Marketing Management Chain Certification” of each order was created. In the manufacturing procedures of imprint diamonds, the person in charge in each stage would need to sign before entering the following step. By doing so, it could be confirmed that each order could be processed separately.

When customer decided to order an imprint diamond, Diamond Inc. would provide the customers with an exclusive identification No. Customers could log in Imprint Diamond ID tracking system to track each step in the manufacturing procedures of diamonds with the identification No.。

When the ordered imprint diamond ordered by customers was completed, Imprint Diamond would issue “Authenticity Certificate” to prove that the diamond was produced from the laboratory and confirm the quality and uniqueness of each diamond. The contents of Authenticity Certificate printed on A4 paper contain :

Name-the name that customers want to memorize via ordering a diamond.
Diamond source-include the information about chemical contents, carbon contents, etc. of sample materials provided by customers.
Diamond identification report: Include the colors, sizes, cut, and clarity.

In addition, there is still on “Independent Gemological Certificate” issued by any one of the three international authorities: GIA (Gemological Institute of America), EGL (European Gemological Laboratory), and IGI (International Gemological Institute) (the certificate time points of each organization are different and Imprint Diamond would choose one of the three organizations to certificate for customers according to the time table for manufacturing procedures) to assure that each imprint diamond has its own unique certificate document.

2.Why should I order an imprint diamond?

The brand concept of Imprint Diamond is “Imprint Diamond, Now and Forever “, and we communicate the immortal love via eternal diamonds. The imprint diamond is just like to collect the one you love. It could keep you accompany and make the good memories in the past become eternal. Just as the trademark of Imprint Diamond indicates: imprint diamond sublimate the moments into eternity. The trademark design of Imprint Diamond also symbolizes the eternal and infinite love.

3.Is there any special for Imprint Diamond?

Imprint Diamond insists the highest standards in the industry and to consider both the corporate responsibility and production quality, Imprint Diamond provides the following guarantees:

Diamond Inc. owns the highest clarity and quality-According to the international 4C (Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut) grading standards, the clarity of Imprint Diamond could reach VVS1 level. After processing with high temperature and high pressure and cutting-edge technology, 5 colors of diamonds could be chosen.
Open and transparent production processes and environment-There is laboratory in Imprint Diamond. that independently research and develop diamonds. Customers could visit laboratory and staff members would introduce the laboratory for you.
Reasonable price-The laboratory of Imprint Diamond was established in Europe. With more than 10 years of experiences for the integration of high technology and high advanced processing crafts, high quality products with reasonable prices could be provided.
Adhere to the policy about environmental protection and humanitarian.-The manufacturing procedures of Imprint Diamond comply with the requirement of international ecology and environmental protection in order to contribute our efforts to the sustainable and healthy environment.

4.Why imprint diamond is a unique souvenir worthy cherishing?

Parts of the life companion are included in imprinted diamond. The diamonds are indestructible and permanent, which makes the true love extend over the lifetime and become the heirloom for offspring.

5.Why ordering from Imprint Diamond is the best choice after considering the social responsibility and maintenance of ecological environment?

Although natural diamonds are brilliant, the mining processes for diamonds tend to destroy the ecology. Also, it is not uncommon to see armed action owing to the huge benefits of diamonds in the countries producing diamonds. Situations about child labors in the mining processes and forcing miner to work under unsafe and unhealthy environment are also reported.

Imprint Diamond committed to protect environment and choose only conflict-free diamonds. Without destruction of environment in the producing processes and unscrupulous producing mechanism, Diamond Inc. is pure and peace, just like the diamonds.

If you want a brilliant diamond, you also contribute some efforts to promote the peaceful and innovative society when you choose to buy diamond from Imprint Diamond.

6.How to confirm that the imprint diamond owned by the customer is real diamond?

Customers could entrust independent certification institution such as independent gemstone laboratory to conduct identification.

The world-renowned jewelry identification agencies could provide analysis reports about the detailed information to prove whether the diamonds are real according to each attribute of diamonds.

7.How is the clarity of diamonds from Imprint Diamond?

In the forming procedures of diamond, the remains from the life companion of customers provided were also wrapped in. Hence, each imprint diamond would contain some subtle contents that are almost invisible to the naked eyes. The forming procedures for each diamond are different. Imprint diamond also needs certain time period for the processes of natural crystallization. The research and development laboratory of imprint diamond would control that the clarity of each diamond produced should range from I (inclusion) to VVS (very very subtle inclusion). The inclusion is the love of customers rather than flaw.

8.How long does it take to produce one imprint diamond?

The production cycle for one imprint diamond would range from 70 to 90 days since the confirmation of orders and sending carbon resources to laboratory. If the diamond colors are white, blue, and pink, it may takes 90 to 120 days since the requirements for manufacturing are special.

9.How to make an imprint diamond?

Hairs or bone ashes from the beloved one of customers would be processes under high temperature without oxygen in the laboratory of Imprint Diamond and transformed into pure carbon, which is the essential primary materials for forming diamonds. These carbon powders would be centrifuged and high density carbon block after pressurized processes could be placed into diamond cultivation tank. The carbon materials extracted in the laboratory are not different from the carbon materials synthesized in other laboratory or naturally formed carbon under the crust in chemical attributes. However, the emotional meanings of the extracted carbon are irreplaceable for customers.

10.How Imprint Diamond extract the carbons from relatives or pets?

The producing procedures for imprint diamonds are shown below-

1. Conduct component analysis on the manufacturing materials provided by customers and then carry out carbonization treatment.

2. After second times of purification, high-density carbon contents could be obtained.
3. Carbon contents would be put into special diamond culture machine to provide conditions simulating the high temperature and high pressure environment of natural diamonds. After introducing catalysts in the cultivation procedures, diamond seed could be obtained.
4. According to the demands of customers, the diamond seed would be cut and polished to form a unique imprint diamond. Customers could also watch the videos on Imprint Diamond website to further understand the concrete culture processes.

11.How many carbons could be extracted from materials samples (bone ashes or hairs) in Imprint Diamond?

Sample analyses are essential for the evaluations about whether there are sufficient carbons in the sample.

Imprint Diamond would conduct chemical analyses on each materials sample to confirm the carbon contents in the samples.

12.How long does it take to produce one imprint diamond?

At least 100g bone ashes or 50g hairs are needed to produce one imprint diamond.

In general, the raw carbon contents for hairs are more than bone ashes and the carbon contents for bone ashes are more than bones.

If there are no sufficient samples, you can also add customer’s hairs or hairs form other family members to supplement to sufficient amount.

13.Would it need more bone ashes or hair amounts when I want a diamond with larger carat number?


The factor that determining the sizes of diamond is the length of producing time period rather than the amounts of raw materials, which means that the longer the producing time, the more time is available for the crystallization for growing bigger diamonds.

14.Could the broken bones from relatives that have passed away for long be used to make an imprint diamond?


Even the broken bones from relatives that have passed away for long could be used to make an imprint diamond.

15.Only one sample resource could be used to make an imprint diamond?


You can mix different material resources such as bone ashes or hairs from different individuals to produce an imprint diamond.

16.Whether the clarity of the imprint diamond would be influenced if choosing different colors or types of bone ashes or hairs?


In the procedures of extracting the pure carbon materials, the internal biological structure of bone ashes or hairs are already changed, so the types or colors of samples would not influence the colors and clarity of imprint diamond. Instead, the imprint diamond would only show the unique temperament of individuals.

17.Do I need to clean the hairs before making the imprint diamond?

You do not need to clean the hair before sending the sample since it does not influence the cultivation of imprint diamonds.

Under the production environment of Imprint Diamond, extremely high temperature and pressure would gasify and evaporate all the unstable materials other than carbon. Therefore, whether you clean the sample first would not influence the producing processes of the imprint diamonds.

18.What are the procedures for ordering personalized imprint diamond?

Please refer to theorder procedures.

19.What’s price difference between imprint diamonds and natural diamonds?

The natural color diamonds are rare and the mining amount for color diamonds are less than 2%. So, the prices for natural color diamonds are high. When comparing with the natural color diamond, the imprint color diamonds with the same size, color, clarity, and cutting lowered 75% of the costs.

20.Whether the jewelry inlaid fees are included in the prices of producing an imprint diamond?

You can check the Imprint Diamond website to inquire the prices for Loose diamond and Jewelry settings.

Imprint Diamond provided different exquisite mosaic style for diamonds of different sizes and colors, including 0.5 to 2.0 carats, white diamond, yellow diamond, gold diamond, platinum diamond, or etc. You can always find a style suitable for you. Customers could also propose requirements for designing. Imprint Diamond would help you to create your exclusive dream style.

21.Whether the jewelry inlaid for the imprint diamond could be customized?

Yes, Imprint Diamond understands that our customers expect to be different from others. Please contact with Imprint Diamond and we will try our best to satisfy any special demands from our customers.

22.Can I use laser engraving to show my personal information on the imprint diamond?

Yes. You can choose this service while ordering.

Imprint Diamond can use laser to engrave your personal information on diamonds with carat number more than 0.5. But there are some limits for the engraved logo and you can check the order form to see the detailed contents.

23.Whether there is insurance during the delivery of imprint diamonds?


If there is any accident before the imprint diamonds was sent to the customers, customers could obtain the full claim of the insurance.

24.If the sizes of imprint diamonds do not match the size I ordered, how to deal with it?

If the product is larger than the ordered sizes, customers do not need to pay any additional fees.

If the product is smaller than the ordered sizes, proportional refunds would be returned from Imprint Diamond.
The order price for one 1 carat white diamond is US$13,000, with error ranging from 0.90 carat to 1.19 carat. The order price for one 0.75 carat white diamond is US$10,300, with error ranging from 0.65 carat to 0.89 carat.
For example, if a customer ordered one 1 carat white diamond but received one 0.8carat diamond, Imprint Diamond would return US$2,560 to the customer. However, if the customer received one 1.45 carat diamond, no additional fees is needed.