Brand Story

Imprint Diamond,
Customize Your DNA Diamond.

Extract the hairs from humans and pets and apply the high technology and excellent craftsmanship in the crystal growing procedures via advanced crystallization processes that simulating the growing procedures under the harsh growing environment for diamonds in nature. After growing under extremely high temperatures and pressures, the extracted hairs could be transformed into diamonds.

Imprint Diamond provides rigorous and customized services and insists 4C high-quality principles to establish precious and substantial diamonds with unique memorial values and make the delighted moment become everlasting.


Sharing happiness for newborns

Welcoming our precious Newborn
To commemorate the fruitful work of happiness and tears.



We would always remember our furkids wherever they are.
Pets are always our buddy and friends, love them as treasure.



The fruit of our love, the path that we walked through within our lives.
Take our hair and make them into diamonds to celebrate anniversaries.


Family portrait

Family portrait can also portray as diamonds, which can pass down through the blood line and would never disappear.


Cherish the past

Memories flow, missing things or people in the past.
Keeping the memories into diamonds and keep it always beside you.


The unique that belongs to you

We can personalize diamonds depends on your thought or need.

「It is our pleasure to hear your stories」

In this fast changing society, were many feelings and emotions between people ignored? Did you feel regret for the irreplaceable and beautiful serendipity that hard to leave records? It is not uncommon to hear that diamonds are the symbol for the hardest and the longest. Do you want to sublimate your love into a unique diamond and keep it as a collection forever?

We believe that photos could not satisfy missing feelings and keepsakes could not fill emotions. To become closer with the one you love, Imprint Diamond help you to make customized and unique DNA diamonds to transform the unforgettable moments into everlasting diamonds to serve as the witness for loves. The only difference between imprint diamonds and natural diamonds is that natural diamonds are from the ground digging but imprint diamonds are from your beloved one.

The services provided by Imprint Diamond indicated that we can simulate the growing environment for diamonds in nature and integrate your feelings into the diamonds via modern high-tech techniques. The hairs after carbonization could be crystalized and imprinted into diamonds. Memories could be stored in the forms of diamonds and leave eternal and immortal touched feelings.